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We create the most convenient way to deliver and receive parcels and documents.

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Let’s Deliver Everywhere

Parcel365 is an app-based platform that allows consumers and sellers to send and receive parcels 24/7.

To Digitalise Postal, Courier and e-Commerce Services in Malaysia

To establish Pick-Up & Drop-Off (PUDO) points in 1000 locations and to serve 150,000 people daily in e-commerce and delivery activities in Malaysia by 2025.

  • Expand infastructure for PUDO services
  • Increase e-Commerce activities in local products
  • Expand digitalisation and big data infastructure
  • To bridge urban-rural integration
  • To create job opportunities and encourage enterpreneurship
  • Our Services

    Parcel Delivery (Send a parcel)

    Parcel Locker (Rent a space)

    Parcel Drop-Off (Prepaid/Online Seller)

    Parcel Collection (Collect a parcel)

    Locker locations

    Digital Village Project

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    Kedutaan China di Malaysia

    Pada tahun 2019, Eddie Mok menghadiri latihan #edagang di China dan kemudian membawa pulang model seperti loker kurier, pembelian....








    China Weibo 微博

    Eddie Mok来到中国参加电商培训,并把快递柜、团购、拼单等模式都带回家乡。在他的帮助下15万马来村民将香菇、椰饼、芝麻酱等农产品卖向世界,收入也翻了一倍多...


    Alibaba Global initiatives

    Alibaba Global initiatives invited Parcel365 to share the welcome speech and core entrepreneurial spirits in Alibaba Netpreneur Training Online Course on 12nd July 2022 ...


    Shopla365 & J&T express

    MOU Signing Collaboration with Shopla365 & J&T express on Program Transformasi Usahawan for Delivery on Fresh and Agriculture program. This collaboration will benefits ...


    DHL Express Malaysia Expands...

    DHL Express recently expanded its Malaysian footprint with a new mobile ServicePoint and collaboration with Parcel365 to be its exclusive international shipping partner...


    Sektor koperasi disaran...

    Sektor koperasi diminta memberikan tumpuan dalam usaha pembangunan perisian aplikasi perkhidmatan untuk kegunaan pengguna. Menurut Timbalan Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia Datuk Zahidi...


    Angkasa partners ACO...

    ANGKATAN Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Bhd (Angkasa) with Asean Cooperative Organisation (ACO), Koperasi 1Malaysia Bhd and Parcel365 Sdn Bhd unveils Parcel365 to strengthen and improve the...


    Cooperatives told to focus...

    The cooperative sector has been urged to focus on efforts to develop service applications for consumer use, said Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin ...


    Sektor koperasi disaran...

    Majlis jalinan kerjasama sistem penghantaran dan penerimaan bungkusan secara aplikasi internet antara ASEAN Co-operative Organisation (ACO), Koperasi 1Malaysia Berhad dan PARCEL365 Sdn Bhd...


    KKMM cadang guna satelit...

    KEMENTERIAN Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) bercadang untuk menggunakan teknologi satelit bagi memastikan semua kawasan mendapat liputan komunikasi termasuk di tengah lautan.


    3M perlu ditambah...

    PERNAH dengar laporan ada kisah orang buat pembelian dalam talian dan merunggut bungkusan tidak diterima, sampai ada yang sanggup 'merempuh' pusat bungkusan kerana menyangka syarikat...


    FedEx X Parcel365...

    FedEx Express announced that self-collection services for FedEx packages are now available at all participating Parcel365 lockers strategically located throughout Klang Valley.


    NPCIL Summary Report

    Prior to the Lab, the following stakeholders were interviewed to gain some preliminary insights into key pain points and possible solutions. NPCIL set ambitious aspirations on...


    Parcel365’s Digital Village...

    KUALA LUMPUR: Parcel365 plans to set-up 873 Pick-Up & Drop-Off (PUDO) points to expand its business to reach more rural areas in Malaysia. Parcel 365 co-founder Eddie Mok...


    Alibaba Netpreneur: Parcel365...

    Alibaba invited Parcel365 to share the core entrepreneurial spirits and key challenges as a netpreneur in Alibaba Netpreneur Training Online Course on 2nd March 2021.


    DHL Express Malaysia...

    DHL Express Malaysia account holders can now offer their customers the convenience of self-collection as the company becomes the latest member of Parcel365’s logistics partners.


    MDEC E-Commerce Day 2019

    MDEC is a collaborative event between MITI and KKMM. With the theme ‘From Local to Global Champion’, the event aims to encourage and inspire business owners to adopt eCommerce...

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