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Parcel365 is an app-based platform that allows consumer and seller to send and receive parcel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without travelling away from housing area. We aim to redefine the everyday courier experience by providing a convenient and efficient service.

We focusing not only delivering and receiving document and parcel. Our Parcel365 Locker are not restricted to specific user but suitable to all range of users such as courier companies, e-commerce seller and common users.


Parcel365 Locker is an automated parcel locker that allows you to send, receive and return a parcel conveniently.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery is an option to deliver your parcel across the world including Malaysia by established courier companies in order to ensure on-time delivery to the recipient doorstep.

Parcel Locker

Parcel locker is an idea to provide a temporary space for you and courier companies to drop the parcel. Thereafter, the parcel will be collected by recipient.

Parcel Drop-off

Parcel drop-off enable e-Commerce players to drop the parcel at Parcel365 locker for the purposes of returning and sending parcel in a much easier way than usual.

Parcel Collection

Parcel collection is an option where you can collect your online purchase parcels. All you have to do is to key-in our Parcel365 Locker @ locations in the address during checkout.

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